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Natural Tips For Healthy Skin

Clear and healthy-looking skin is not only a sign of beauty, it keeps you looking as young as you feel! It is not that difficult to maintain your look as long as you know how to take good care of it.

Skin is the most sensitive part of your body, and is constantly exposed to the outer environment. Sunlight, dirt, pollutants and toxins all conspire to make you look older.

Here we discuss some basic tips and tricks that anyone can practice to maintain flawless and healthy-looking skin - naturally and cheaply..

  • Minimize the Forces That Harm Your Skin:

There are certain elements and practices that harm your skin in the long term. Smoking, excessive sunbathing, and artificially tanning your skin is not good for you. Avoid long exposures to direct sunlight, or use a good SPF. Apply safe stretch mark creams while pregnant to avoid scarring the skin. Also avoid alcohol, as it dilates the blood vessels near your face, starving your skin cells of oxygen.

  • Eat Healthy:

Your skin reflects what you eat. A balanced diet with all the food groups is a must for a naturally good-looking and healthy skin. Eat as many fruits and vegetables for antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Lean meat, fish and nuts contain protein, iron, zinc and selenium - all essential building blocks of healthy skin.

Polyunsaturated fats in fish and nuts contain fatty acids that act as natural moisturizers for your skin. Finally, drink plenty of water to keep your skin moisturized and flush toxins out of your body.

  • A Spray a Day ...

Moisturizers, soaps and creams certainly help with keeping your skin clean and moist, but try this as part of your daily regemin - chilled rose water spray. Before applying cream or makeup, wash your face with a good face wash, then spray rose water on your face. You can use a small spray gun for this. It acts as a toner and conditioner for your skin. Some people say it gives their skin a fresh "glow" as well, along with a subtle scent. Wait for it to dry, then continue your morning routine. Rose water can easily be kept in refrigerator.

  • Avoid Heavy Make-up:

Simplicity is the best policy. Heavy make-up clogs your pores, roughly applying it stretches and harms your skin, and some ingredients act as an impermeable layer that trap oil, sweat and dirt, causing blemishes and pimples. When you use make-up, make sure you use quality products that are not harmful for your skin. Always remove make-up with cleansing milk, and then apply toner on your face.

  • Stay Stress Free:

Stress is a huge contributor to aging, going so far as to damage you on a cellular level. Stress actually frays the ends of DNA strands (called telomeres), causing skin to sag and wrinkle as they don't regenerate properly. It has also been linked to memory loss, hair turning grey prematurely, dementia and several other disorders. Keep a positive attitude, laugh a lot, get great sleep, and do what you love. If you feel good, you will keep looking good!

  • Get Enough Sleep:

Similar to keeping stress out of your life, getting enough sleep is also necessary for a healthier skin. While you sleep, blood circulation increases to your skin and organs, giving them fresh doses of oxygen and removing toxins and waste.

Home Remedies for Healthy Skin:

Here are some home remedies that you can try on a daily or weekly basis:

  • Coconut Milk – It is one of the best ingredients for glowing skin. Squeeze milk from grated raw coconut and apply it on your face. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash it off.

  • Castor Oil – Massage your skin with a very light layer of castor oil for 4 to 5 minutes. This helps in softening the skin and minimizes wrinkles. Olive Oil works the same way. Do not wash it off.

  • Lemon Juice – Lemons are natural bleaching agents. Apply lemon juice on your face to achieve spotless and radiant skin.

  • Honey – Honey is a fantastic natural moisturizer and antioxidant for skin. Take 1 tbsp honey and mix few drops of lemon in it. Apply the mixture on your face for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it.

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