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How to Have Gorgeous Eyes (With Makeup)

Did you know that some simple eye makeup can bring an overall change in your personality? Do you want your eyes to speak a language? Well, follow these steps and you'll end up making your eyes express the gorgeous self you are.


  • Before applying mascara, always curl your lashes. Start curling your eyelashes from the base, then up to the tips to make an even curl.
  • Usually, bottom lashes are avoided or forgotten; but styling your other set of lashes as well can make a tremendous change in the expression of your eyes.

Artificial Lashes

False lashes can give that added sultry emphasis to your eyes, without looking unnatural, if practiced correctly.

First, cut the lashes to the same width as your natural ones. After gluing them on and setting them to dry, add mascara to have them blend in with you natural lashes.

Eye Shadow

  • To make your doe-eyes look even more attractive, try a creamy white eye pencil on the lower lid. A white pencil may seem strange, but this actually opens up your eyes. You can also try this near the corners of both the upper lid and lower lid.
  • Try a platinum highlighter for an attractive alternative. Dot it along the brow bone and then smudge it with a sponge tip. Apply the highlighter in the inner corner as well, following the eye shadow.
  • Choose expressive colors in the evening to make them stand out more. Especially when you are going to a party, a black dress with colorful mascara really draws attention to your eyes.
  • Avoid using too bold an eye color, as you'll end up looking nervous. If you want to look mysterious and sultry, try the smoky eye look, as explained below.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes make your eyes look bigger and rounder, which gives the look of sexy innocence, mysteriously "foreign" and slightly feline. It also gives the impression that you were too busy and energetic in bed last night to remove your mascara (wink wink).

This style of makeup is probably the oldest known, going back to when women applied kohl in ancient Egypt.

This look works well with nearly all eye shapes, but you must make sure not to overdo it (or you'll have raccoon eyes, a look only suited to pining Goths or Halloween costumes.) Try to apply a bit of violet, brown, blue or green to inject your own personality into your smokey eye look.

Materials you need for Smokey Eyes

  • Eye Primer
  • Translucent Loose Powder
  • Eyeliner black colored
  • Eye shadow black or dark gray
  • Ivory or beige shades
  • Black Eyelash Mascara
  • Eye Brush with sponge tip to smudge
  • Natural hair eye brush

How to apply Smokey Eyes Make-up

  • Prepare an area around your eyes using moisturizer and eye primer.
  • Apply loose powder under the eye. This helps you control the excess  make-up that may fall off, which can be removed using brush in the end.
  • With the help of black eye-liner, mark the inside top and the bottom of the eye. Always start it with the inner side and extend it to the outer side. Use sponge to blend the liner with the lashes. By doing this, your lashes will get a thicker appearance. Haze the lines up in the circular motion that gives an impression of the smoke rising up. All you want is the steady disappearance of the color.
  • Now, apply black or gray shade. Use powder as it blends well. Using brush, start from the inner side of the shades then extend it to the outside. Continue applying the shadow creating a “V” following the curve of the sideways brow bone. Extend the shade line middle, ceasing above the iris. Remember, you want to create a smoke, not a tar, so use small amount of shades.
  • Now, it’s time to use eye shadow under the eye area. The color should be more intense as you extend it to the outside. Unite the lines to create a soft look. This step is very important as this actually gives your eyes a smokey look. Join circular motion in upward and outward.
  • Using an eye brush, apply shade of light beige or ivory. This sort of brush is ideal for applying light shadow. Smear the shadow under the brow bone and inner corner of the eye that you highlight.
  • In the end, curl your lashes.
  • Eliminate the loose powder.
  • Apply mascara on the upper and the lower lashes.

If you increase the intensity of the line and the shadow, your eyes will look more striking and charming. You can also add artificial lashes if you want  to look more sultry and sexy.

Although the smokey eye look is not the choice for the office, it's a classy look for a cocktail party or other nighttime gatherings. Best of all, it doesn't compete with what you're wearing, as the whole point is to be subtle, where you let your "eyes do the talking." 

Image by Ally Aubry

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